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Herbal Hair Oil Keshbhring Total Hair Protection Oil For Man

TOTAL HAIR PROTECT HERBAL HAIR OIL BENEFIT: Stop hair fall in Two days maximum one week, Grow new hair if hair rote are alive, Stop premature hair whitening, Stop fungal infection in hair rote & cal.....
  • Product Code : 01
  • Price : Rs. 595.00 / $8.21
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Herbal Powder Shampoo ( Simka Organic Herbal Powder)

  • Product Code : 02
  • Price : Rs. 99.00 / $1.37
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We offer herbal shampoo and oil under the category of Organic hair Care Products. Formulated under hygienic environment, this collection of herb based items strengthens hair strands, prevents pre mature graying of hair and nourishes scalp skin. Indian gooseberry based content of this Organic hair Care Products promotes hair growth, ensures proper blood circulation in scalp and accelerates production of collagen protein. In fact, our products are wonderful options to get healthy, shiny, bouncy and split ends free tresses. Vitamin C present in these herbal products prevents dryness of scalp which is one of the main causes of dandruff. Antioxidants found in such products safeguard tresses against pollution.

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