Why We Chose Our Company Name As Bamanda Organic Herbal?

Bamanda State was a princely state of India (During the British ruling period), sprawling over an area of 5149 km². It was located between the Mahanadi Valley & Chhota Nagpur Plateau, and its capital was Debagarh (Deogarh). Our company collects quality herbal plants from the mountains, forest, riversides and waterfalls of this region. As most of our products are manufactured using the organic materials procured from Bamanda State, we named our company after the same. We own a modern plant in the same region, which helps us in making timely use of fresh organic items to produce best quality Simka Organic Powder Shampoos, Natural Mosquito Repellent Oil, etc. Our plant is completely operated utilizing solar power green energy. 

Our Founder

Our prestigious company was incorporated by Mr. Ashok Kumar Patel (CMD). He is a Merchant Navy navigation officer. With the blessing of his father Mr. Brajamohan Patel, he established our company back in 2018. Before initiating the operation of our business enterprise, he gained knowledge in the field of aAurvedic medicines as well as herbal plants along with his father by following Mr. Alekh Niranjan Dharma Balambi. Mr. Balambi is famed for having in-depth knowledge of herbal therapy and Ayurveda, which he has learned from santhas and sadhus of the country. Following his teachings our founder widened his spectrum of knowledge and used the same to come up with organic formulas for developing a phenomenal product range. 

Our Team/ Infrastructure 

Our company is supported by a skilled team of experts, each working adroitly. Our team comprises skilled herbal experts and many other professionals. Our research team, which is responsible for collecting organic materials and studying them along with assuring the creation of best product formulae is led by Dr. Hemanta Sahoo. Further, our in-house laboratory functions under the vigilance of expert technicians like Miss Somya Patel (B. Sc. Botany) and Mr. Shyamal Kumar Patel (B. Sc. Chemistry). Many other administrative, marketing, sales and other professionals work in our office which sprawls over an area of 1800 square feet. The office area is segregated as follows:

  • 400 square feet of space is allotted for the main office
  • 1200 square feet is offered to the product store
  • 200 square feet area is covered by the in-house laboratory

In addition to this, a production plant covering an area of 2,000 square feet and a dry store for herbal products covering an area of 1500 square feet are established. The entire infrastructure is used to its full potential in order to assure the dispatch of high quality Pest Repeller, Organic Powder Shampoos, etc. 

Our Packaging

The aim of our enterprise has been to deliver an organic range to clients without fail. To assure this, all the products are manufactured using 100% natural ingredients and are stored at a hygienic and temperature controlled facility. As this is not enough to assure the delivery of the best, we also pay close attention to the packaging of our range. We use quality packaging materials that are procured from the best vendors. Our packed products are quality tested, and we check that all our products as well as their packaging aligns to the standards of GMP & ISO 9001:2015. Our team also makes sure that proper labeling is done on each packed product. 

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